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How To Cook Grilled Chicken

Aug 10, 2020 | Featured | 0 comments

Juicy and tender, crisp skin, the mouth-watering spices and perfect smoky flavor! Ah! Grilled chicken is just divine. Doesn’t this make you think of the fun-filled barbecue parties where refusing a piece or two of perfectly grilled chicken is impossible. But the next barbecue party may be quite far away. So why not go for a mouth-watering grilled chicken made in the comfort of your own kitchen? How to cook grilled chicken is the most important question one has in mind for doing so! Well it’s not as difficult as some people make it to be. A few guidelines, a good recipe and nice pieces of chicken are all you need!

The great thing about grilling chicken is that it can be done with any part of it. There is no requirement of any specific cuts or pieces. Also grilling a chicken is a much healthier option than frying it. The amount of oil used for grilling is 10 times less than for frying. So, you can satisfy your craving for yummy chicken as well as cut back on your guilt. Moreover, the grilling can be done on grilling rack or microwave oven or even conventional oven. Not many ingredients are required for making it too. So, most of the concern regarding the complexities of grilling must be banished.

The most commonly used piece for grilling is the chicken breast. The main reason for this is that it is boneless and requires the least technique. Many also prefer grilling the whole chicken after flattening it. But no matter which piece you select the result will be delicious chicken. The skin on the chicken can be trimmed but keeping it would give it the crisp layer which everyone loves!

The key to the scrumptious chicken is the next step; of marinating the chicken with some tasty paste. Any recipe for the seasoning can be used. You can even add your own variation to your favorite recipe for a more personalized touch to it. Put lots of it on the chicken so that you end up with flavors deeply inculcated into it. Many advise on making small holes in the chicken pieces for a perfect marinating.

Now while the chicken is kept aside, prepare the grill. It is fun to properly set up a grill and have an outdoor cooking session. But even the small grill rack should be properly cleaned. The grill rack doesn’t need charcoal but if you are looking for a smoky flavor than a piece of coal can be added. You just need to lightly grease the rack or oven with olive oil (preferable).

Next put the chicken pieces on it, cover it and let your chicken sizzle. Usually recipes provide a minimum time required for grilling different pieces. If it doesn’t then just keep checking your pieces until you get a good grilled top layer. Insert a knife into the pieces to check if it’s juicy and tender. You can even prepare some sauce to go with the grilled chicken.

The final step is to dig in and not let your stomach be subject to more torturous waiting! Enjoy a feast down to the very last piece.

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