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Bamboo Shoots: One of Asia’s Finest Cuisines

Aug 9, 2020 | Vegetables | 0 comments

Bamboo shoots seem like inedible at all, but actually they have a very pleasing taste and quality.  They are very crunchy and possess a subtle taste. Bamboo shoots are ideal for people who are having low-calorie diets. They are also low in fat and very rich in potassium and fiber.

More Interesting Foody Info on Bamboo Shoots are given below:

  • These shoots are famous in recipes of Asian countries. For instance, in the Himalayas, fermented bamboo shoots are of high significance in their cuisines. One famous delicacy is that are fermented in oil and turmeric, which are cooked with some potatoes. This dish is normally served with rice. Aside from this, the pith of the shoot is pickled and used as a condiment.
  • Also in India, grated bamboo shoots are fermented and used in many cooking preparations. It can also be made into pancakes by mixing it with flour. Typically, it is stewed with green vegetable leaves which are very succulent and nutritious. In Indonesia, they are cut into thins strips, boiled in coconut milk, and added with spices.
  • Another way to cook bamboo shoot is to slice it thinly like noodles then boil it for 25 minutes and drain. In a pan, sauté garlic and onion until they turn translucent, then add ground pork, chicken strips, or small shrimps. When it turns golden brown, put the slices of carrots, bell pepper, and cabbage. Cook for five minutes then add the bamboo shoot noodles. Mix them altogether and add soy sauce and salt, then cook for seven minutes. This is a great way to fill the stomach without getting too much fat
  • Whether you have fresh bamboo shoots or canned ones, they will surely add texture to your food. One interesting characteristic of the shoots is its ability to quickly absorb the flavours which they are cooked in.
  • Here are some tips in having your shoots in the best ways. In a low fire, boil slowly the sliced bamboo shoots in soy sauce, or Japanese rice wine, dashi, or chilli chips. These will give life to your instant noodles, or can be appetizing side dish too. They will also do wonders to curries and vegetable stews. Pickling is another great way to eat bamboo shoots and they do well as appetizers.
  • In Japan, the bamboo shoot rice is a very famous dish, and is known as the takenokogohan. It is certainly very classy. They give a distinct but subtle good smell to the rice.  Another is the stir-fried bamboo shoot and sugar snap peas with bacon strips.
  • A very unique recipe is cooking rice together with thin slices of bamboo shoots, and seasoned meats inside the hollows of fresh stalks of bamboo, which is placed over an open fire. This creates a very amazing and distinguishable taste to the food.
  • There are various ways of preparing bamboo shoots which are found mainly in Asian countries. Bamboo shoots recipes are one of the healthy diets that can replace meat. And surprisingly, no matter how it is cooked, it will never lose its crunchiness.

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