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Apple Coffee Cake for Sundays

Aug 9, 2020 | Cake Recipes | 0 comments

While we were growing up, I bet we had the Sunday tradition of visiting a Church, and then binging on the staple cake— an Apple Coffee Cake, to kickstart our days with. There could be slight variations in this practice depending upon the country and culture, but what remains constant is the ease they are cooked with.

Yes, making a perfect Apply Coffee Cake is so remarkably easy that even our fathers can cook it. There is almost no exception to this rule. Only some families, who have an innate ability of complicating quite easy recipes into some bombshell ones would have come up with another variant of the recipe, otherwise everyone else would be following the same one that has been slated down for ages.

To make an Apple Coffee Cake, you would need…

Flour                       1 cup

Baking Powder                1 teaspoon

Salt                         ½ teaspoon

Sugar                            ½ cup

Cinnamon (ground)               1 teaspoon

Unsalted Butter               5 ½ table spoon

Egg (beaten)                  1 piece

Whole Milk                     ½ cup

Baking apple (peeled and sliced)   1 medium-sized

Now that you have done your share of “hard work”, this is the time that you sit back and enjoy the perfect cake in the making.

To begin with, heat your oven to 375˚F beforehand so that by the time you use it for the ingredients, it is hot enough for our purpose. Take a baking dish that is square in shape, and grease it finely, so that your cake does not give you a reason to worry when you are done.

Whisk the flour, baking powder and salt vigorously in a bowl, and set it aside for a few minutes, until you mix 1/4th of the sugar with cinnamon in another one. Now, take out your electric mixer and beat the rest of the sugar with the butter and blend the egg along until you are ready with a smooth paste. Now add the flour mixture to this bowl in three fragments, adding milk alternatively. Keep whipping after every addition to ensure the uniformity. Any lumps can spoil the fun.

Pour your batter slowly and with a steady hand into the greased pan. Place the apple slices when you are halfway through the cake’s height. Sprinkle the slices with half of the cinnamon-sugar mix. Pour the rest half of the batter and place it into the oven after sprinkling the rest of the powder.

Place the pan into the oven for almost 25 minutes, or when you observe any bubbles at the edges. This cake serves 6.

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